Montegrappa Watches – montegrappa

Founded in 1912 as a ‘Manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens’, Montegrappa – originally known as ELMO – benefitted from a pool of skilled local talent, able to create a workforce able to produce finely crafted objects, with style, with panache, and with a drive to achieve excellence. Generations later, this regional benefit still defines Montegrappa’s team.

 Montegrappa’s factory is located on the bank of the River Brenta, the river winding through the town of Bassano del Grappa. Montegrappa’s geography and its Italian heritage are important elements of the company’s persona. ‘Italianness’ is at the heart of Montegrappa tradition. It defines the brand philosophy, its attitudes, its style.

 Now into its second century as a privately-owned manufacturer and the producer of Italy’s finest writing instruments, Montegrappa has developed with great rapidity a catalogue that encompasses scents, watches, cufflinks, leather goods and other accessories. The transition to covering the broad spectrum of the luxury lifestyle will ensure Montegrappa’s success for the next generation.



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