Terms and Conditions for Selling Unused Gifts

Chronometer UAE” wishes to sell the Item on behalf of a Seller, subject to Buyer agreeing on the following Buying terms and TOS:

  1. Buyer acknowledges “Chronometer UAE” authentication process is in-house and independent of any brand association of any kind or nature. Brands mentioned on the Site are not involved in the authentication of Item being sold and none of the brand's owners or Sellers assumes or own any responsibility for any Item purchased through the Site.
  2. As a courtesy to the Buyer, Chronometer UAE”  may or may not provide descriptions and condition description of Item on site and through other direct or indirect; online or off-line means of communications. Buyer should note that descriptions of Item are not warranties and that each Item is sold "as is".
  3. Buyer canceling a pay-and-reserve plan and an installment order has to contact Chronometer UAE”  via email at info@chronometer.ae informing the wish to do so.

Submitted Content

“Chronometer UAE”  does not claim ownership of any materials you make available through the Site Submit- my- items page, Live agent, email, or through any other method or means.

Chronometer UAE”  does not allow you to post or make postings on our Site. You may submit your request or queries through our live chat, emails or call us through the Site or Service. You may not upload to, distribute or otherwise publish through this Site any Postings of any kind and nature.


Chronometer UAE”  attempts to be as accurate as possible.

However, Chronometer UAE” does not warrant that product descriptions, titles, attributes, specifications, price or other content or any other information related to the product(s) is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.

Chronometer UAE”  holds ownership in the way the titles or content are laid out arranged and standardized.


Chronometer UAE”   certifies that all goods that it sells are 100 % authentic and offers a money back guarantee for the products.


“CHRONOMETER UAE” does not warrant, represent or undertake as to the quality of the goods and items sold as unwanted gifts unless provided already by the seller.


Chronometer UAE” uses a consignment method of selling which means that Seller gets paid only after the item is sold and passed the grace period (return period), and Chronometer UAE”   has received the payments in total. For the service that Chronometer UAE” provides, it charges a nominal commission fee. By agreeing to sell with Site, Seller is deemed to agree to pay the commission applicable for selling your item(s).

Consignment Period:

A 90 days lock-in consignment period for sellers based in the UAE and 180 days lock-in consignment period for sellers outside of the UAE.

If the seller wishes to return his item within the lock period then the seller shall bear the shipping fees.


Commission Scheme:

Commission on Selling Value

OUR Commission

Seller Payout

First USD 100

USD 50

50 USD

Between USD 100 - USD 2000

35% of Selling Value

65% of Selling Value

Exceeding 2000

30% of Selling Value

70% of Selling Value



Sold Out